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The Small Business Mindset

Jan 3, 2024

Meet DreWill, owner of DreWill Productions.  On this episode, we dive into this Small Business CEO's journey to find out how he used his skills, and his network, to break into the Hollywood film industry.  DreWill's entrepreneurial journey started a little later in life.  He took a hobby and went back to school to develop the specific skills needed, and then launched a production company through video, radio, and as the co-host of the DreWill & Big Funny Podcast on YouTube. 

His key take aways include:

  • Network makes the Net-Worth
  • Be willing to work harder than anyone else
  • You could meet the next opportunity on the sidelines


Kirsten Flory is the President & CEO of Foundations Commercial Real Estate, and host of The Small Business Mindset.