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The Small Business Mindset

Jan 31, 2024

Kim and Dave McPherson are the owners of McP Insurance Solutions, and specialize in health insurance for you and your business.  Kim was a small business owner working in the healthcare field as an occupational therapist.  She worked with patients one on one to create healthier lifestyles, as well as working on the administrative side through insurance claim filing and benefits. 

Dave is a mechanical engineer by trade, and has used his skills to create pathways and strategies to better navigate the world of health insurance.

Together they have created a company that takes the guess work out of navigating the health insurance system - which is an area that impacts us all from single sole proprietors to larger organizations that employ teams of people.  The health of our minds and bodies is the most imporant thing in managing and growing out business.  Without it, we aren't able to do the work that creates the success for us, our families, and our teams.

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Kirsten Flory is the President & CEO of Foundations Commercial Real Estate and host of The Small Business Mindset