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The Small Business Mindset

Oct 11, 2023

As human beings, we want to be liked by everyone.  It is our nature to want positivity, support and friendliness to come our way.  So what do we do when it doesn't, and how can we create an invisible sheild to protect ourselves from getting brought down by negativity?  

On this episode of The Small Business Mindset, we discuss how to develop a thicker skin by implementing some daily practices so you are able to rise above when the world seems to want to bring you down.  These daily practices include:

  • Gratitude
  • Showing Kindness
  • Showing Compassion
  • Not participating in negativity or gossip
  • Be a light for others


Kirsten Flory is the President & CEO of Foundations Commercial Real Estate and host of The Small Business Mindset podcast.